A Week With: 2020 Ford Transit 350 XLT AWD

The 2020 Ford Transit 350 offers a stately appearance and, in this case, space for 14 people.

Ford is competitive in many different sections, but one area where it dominates is within the commercial vehicle market, specifically its Transit model.

The automaker made news Thursday with the first of its E-Transit model, that is anticipated to show up later in 2021. Until then, the organization’s interior combustion-powered model will be forced, sigh, to carry on as the standard bearer — of course you love vans, that’s good news!

Overview: The 2020 Transit holds a lot of the market, partly, as the company provides a lot of variations: cargo van, chassis cab, cutaway, crew and, for the purposes today, the passenger van. The Transit is frequently utilized by hospitals, nursing homes, accommodations and much more as shuttle van, competing with all the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van of these duties.

(Ford looks to achieve commercial EV leadership spot with 2022 E-Transit van.)

Despite the top-heavy look from the exterior, the Transit is not hard to operate a vehicle.

Exterior: Looking at the Transit, in our situation the 14-passenger high-top XLT AWD model, it’s tough not to wonder how often finished . ultimately ends up riding on two wheels – or even worse, completely on its part – since it looks so top heavy.

It’s harsh to describe its looks as the most readily useful of a bad lot, nonetheless it’s a van with a sloped front end designed to make a giant rectangle more aerodynamic while continuing to offer many interior space for storage or, in this situation, 14 individuals.

The passenger part sliding home provides quick access to your interior of the van when closed, it fit well into its framework. A corner doorways available wide, offering 253-degree access to the rear of the van. Whenever configured for passengers, it comes down with an abundance of windows being big enough to provide numerous light without rendering it appear to be a fish tank on four wheels.

“… There’s no eloquent option to explain exactly how it looks on the outside, other than if you’re a fan of awkward, big cars, the Transit’s exterior looks pretty good …”

Inside Agate Black our model arrived in, it’s stately. Luckily, I AM a fan of oversized automobiles and simply seeing it made me personally giggle with anticipation to get in and drive it.

The inside of this Transit 350 is large and more comfortable with an abundance of technology.

Interior: Since our model ended up being the top-of-the-line XLT, it came well prepared. Our black colored leather seats – yes, 14 leather-clad captain’s chairs – had been comfortable and supportive. Utilizing the high roof, taking a stand to go into one of the dozen seats behind the motorist wasn’t problem for anyone shorter than 6-foot, 5-inches tall.

For the driver and front-seat passenger, usage of the cab part had been easy. The seating position the driver provides a great view all over the outside of the vehicle while checking out the gauges once the Transit was in movement ended up being easy with no obstructions. Achieving the 8-inch touchscreen plus the simple dials for the HVAC settings ended up being not a problem either. Van motorists needs to be thirsty as there have been four cupholders at the start as well as other cubby holes for extra things like mobile phones, composing utensils, etc.

Powertrain: Our Transit weighed in just under 7,200 pounds — before adding 14 people. To ensure this workhorse can get the task done, Ford needed to be sure it got a proper powerplant for what we came to phone Ebony Beauty. Happily, it did because of the 3.5-liter, double overhead cam, 24-value turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine. Mated to a 10-speed transmission, it generates 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.

There is certainly a choice for a less effective 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine. It generates 275 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. Given the way the EcoBoost pushes the van around, which we’ll talk more about later on, it’s the clear choice for the Transit. In addition consists of stop-start technology, which assists regarding the fuel consumption, as well as in this situation, wasn’t obtrusive.

(Ford investing $100M to transform Kansas City line to construct E-Transit van.)

Plenty of space in 2020 Ford Transit.

Security and technology: The Transit is a big, big automobile plus in the truth of our model, Ford stopped short of wrapping it in bubble place to keep it safe and protect other people. It comes standard with Post-Collision Braking, Pre-Collision help with automated crisis Braking (AEB), Auto High-Beam Headlamps, Lane-Keeping System and ahead Collision Warning. The Lane-Keeping system is somewhat inconsistent when it comes to how far from the road you need to get before it activates. The automobile high beams are the perfect feature and had been helpful and prompt. Fortunately, I did not test others safety features.

However, it additionally included cross-traffic alert, which will be priceless whenever copying such a large car. The rear-view digital camera additionally provided wider than expected protection. The van was included with Ford Co-Pilot 360, but luckily, i did son’t test the majority of the crisis avoidance tech inside system.

Safety technology aside, the Transit makes it easy to help keep people entertained, specially because of the FordPass Connect 4G WiFi modem aboard. Forget about fighting about what film to look at, tell the backseat co-pilots to login and pipe down. The Transit also includes Apple CarPlay and Android os Auto available. One surprise is it just included Sync3 while Sync4 ended up being offered above last year.

Driving impressions: whilst it’s not a low rider, the Transit has lots of giddy up and all of the oomph through the straight pedal reaches the bottom courtesy of the all-wheel drive. Between the large windows and mirrors, effective motor and additional electronic assistance, driving the Transit’s largest variation ended up being enjoyable. Once again, we invested the majority of my time chuckling to myself while behind the wheel; but when it had been handed over to me, a colleague offered the same evaluation.

So I’m likely to say it: the 2020 Ford Transit had been enjoyable to operate a vehicle. More importantly, it offered a great amount of go even though completely packed. The trip and managing had been good and regardless of the vehicle’s size body roll wasn’t overwhelming.

(Ford verifies plans for all-electric Transit van.)

Summary: couple of folks are in the market for a full-size, 14-passenger van. However, if you are, we could undoubtedly endorse this one. Moreover, this Transit actually acts as an ambassador the company, giving those transferring from hotel to airport or getting shuttled for their vehicle insight into just what Ford can perform. If so, it’s successful.

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