$240,000 Lambo STOLEN And TOTALLED By MOPED THIEVES That Sends Cops On 4 Hr Chase Ending At McDonalds!

One of many suspects apparently jumped to the Lamborghini, locked the doorways and struggled to begin the stick-shift car before peeling away on the highway.

The 2nd suspect observed behind from the set’s damaged moped.

The Post states the incident happened nearby the NYPD’s tow lb, but neither police officers nor a department helicopter slowed down the carjacker.

One police officer apparently utilized a tow truck to cease the Lamborghini, however it merely bypassed the much slower automobile.

$240,000 Lamborghini is taken by moped thieves who lead cops on a ‘Fast and Furious’ four-hour chase through Manhattan before totaling the automobile within the Bronx

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