2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Ebony Series takes the Nurburgring record from Lamborghini

Last thirty days, anyone behind a YouTube Nürburgring channel caught the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Ebony Series working during the popular racetrack, and estimated that it had set a record time. Which estimate ended up being nearly spot-on. The German automaker launched these days it had undoubtedly grabbed manufacturing car lap record with a period of 6:43.616 for the old-fashioned 12.8-mile stretch regarding the track.

That time edges out the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ by 1.35 seconds, in a vehicle with 40 less horse power and a front-engine placement. Mercedes also put a period for the slightly longer, full-length stretch of 12.944 kilometers established by the racetrack administration in 2019. The period had been 6:48.047. As Mercedes explains, the 12.8-mile measurement that’s been utilized by automakers thus far has been a hundred or so feet in short supply of a total lap, and ended up being centered on a magazine’s test criteria.

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Mercedes additionally took measures to supply transparency for run. The changing times were individually certified by a business labeled as Wige Solutions, which offers time, video as well as other services to numerous companies, including motorsports. Mercedes also provided the particular setup for record-setting car. It utilized the typical factory tires. The leading splitter had been extended to its longest environment, the trunk wing was at the center position. The flexible suspension system was set 0.2 inch lower at the start and 0.1 inches lower during the backside. Front camber was unfavorable 3.8 levels and back was bad 3. The anti-roll pubs were wear the stiffest setting, therefore the adjustable grip control ended up being set between 6 and 7 (away from 9 amounts), depending on the area of the track. Most of these options tend to be flexible in the same ways on customer cars quickly the factory flooring.

While Mercedes didn’t say explicitly, the company seemingly proposed which they could get quicker. The organization noted within the press release that the lap time ended up being set when conditions had been “not quite perfect.” The track heat was about 50 degrees with damp places and background temperature had been 44.6 levels. Therefore perhaps Mercedes should try once again on a warmer, drier time for a yet quicker time next year.

This follows Mercedes’ statement the other day that Ebony Series’ less powerful four-door brother, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S, had reclaimed the title of quickest deluxe sedan across the Nürburgring, blitzing round the circuit in 7:27.800.

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