2020 Fleet Product Sales Down in Spain


In general true fleet product sales in Spain reach 190,000 devices up to now this current year, which will be 63,300 fewer automobiles sold when compared to 2019, according to Dataforce.

Total vehicle product sales in Spain, year-to-date, is at 704,600 unites, down by 408,800 products sold in 2019, Dataforce stated. The #1 fleet seller is the compact crossover Nissan Qashqai to date, whilst hatchback compact car SEAT Leon is available in 2nd. The podium is completed because of the Volkswagen Golf.

Exclusive Sales diminished by 30.7%, which represented around a drop of 158,400 cars.

Widely known car amongst exclusive buyers has been the Dacia Sandero, accompanied by the SEAT Leon, as well as the Renault Captur, in accordance with Dataforce.

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