2020 Associated Fleet Guide

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2020 Connected Fleet Guide

The past year happens to be a difficult, landscape-shifting year for fleet businesses of each type and size. COVID-19 features truly been the cause of a number of these modifications, requiring fleets to move how they run, including their particular fundamental missions.

Fleet technology gave fleets top of the hand to generally meet and pivot to generally meet the challenges provided by COVID-19.

The 2020 associated Fleet Guide addresses a wide array of technology-related topics and how its both helping and changing the way in which fleets are satisfying next hurdles dealing with their particular functions, including:

  • The 3G sunset
  • The brand-new hours of solution (HOS) rules
  • The importance of asset monitoring

In inclusion, a few real-life fleet instance scientific studies provides you with practical ideas into exactly how attached fleet technology will benefit your motorists, your procedure, and your business’s important thing

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