14-year-old Claire Miller stabs her disabled, wheelchair-bound sister to death in Lancaster County. Her TikTok account was public, and I successfully archived it before its removal.


Terrible terrible stuff. You can see her sister and her family in one of the TikToks, nothing seems out of the ordinary. I have archived all of her videos, and I’m working on uploading them to download. I’ve looked through all of them but there really aren’t any signs of anything weird going on from what I can tell. I hope her family can find peace after this.

There’s not much I have to say that you can’t read for yourself, I just have no idea where else to post this and I thought it would interest the audience here. It seems like very few people on Reddit are discussing it. I actually saw one of her videos in my feed shortly after the murders and learned what happened after reading the comments.

EDIT: It is it moral for the archive to be public? I’m genuinely curious what you all think, this is a bit of an ethical dilemma

EDIT2: If you have TikTok, @lilacrozes has mirrored all of her videos with the original captions.

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